Heirs of Eberron

The Tomb of Ashurta, and A Mission from the Kings Citadel

Our heroes were looking for gainful employment in the City of Towers when they were offered a job by the Clifftop Adventurers Guild:

“Owner of Tain Foundry seeks Brave Individuals to Remove Vermin Infestation. Payment Upon Completion.”

After some small deliberation the party accepted the job, heading into the Sharn Depths to the Tain Foundry. There they met Olaavi, a hobgoblin priest of the Sovereign Host concerned with the attacks on members of his flock, and Molric Torranol, the dwarven foreman of the foundry. They ventured into a recently excavated tunnel to remove an infestation of Kruthiks, foul amalgams of insects and reptiles.

What they found was something more fantastic: An ancient hobgoblin tomb, no doubt a remnant of the Ancient Dhakaani Empire that once spanned the continent of Khorvaire, and built the foundations of Sharn over 10,000 years ago. This tomb once belonged to a warlord named Ashurta, who fell in battle with the Daelkyr. While exploring the tomb, the adventurers found evidence that a group of goblins had been here recently, and had been overwhelmed by kruthiks. Notes found on their remains mentioned Ashurta by name, and made reference to the blade he wielded.

After braving the traps and denizens of the tomb, the party faced the revenant spirit of Ashurta in honorable combat. They prevailed, and were given the byeshk-metal Blade of Ashurta for their victory. Further exploration revealed the nest of the Kruthiks, as well as several samples of rare winged kruthiks which were bound to bring a fine sum from collectors. Olaavi and Molric were thankful for their efforts, and the hobgoblin priest intimated that the Blade of Ashurta may be a more potent relic than first believed.


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