Heirs of Eberron

The Tears of Onatar, and The Closed Circle

Faced with a fell beast from between worlds, our heroes reacted admirably. Keeping their cool, they fought the eerily silent beast and it’s howling minions, using the knowledge they had gained from previous encounters to keep themselves safe from the mental domination of the crazed rabble. Before long, the foul creatures were defeated, and the band of adventurers had the opportunity to explore the room that the monstrosities had displayed such interest in.

A set of silver doors blocked entrance, showing no keyhole but locked nonetheless. Astute observation by Avagon led him to believe that channeling divine power into the door would release the lock. Benn called upon the glory of the Sovereign Host, and the doors swung wide. Within lay a chamber with several small chests, and walls honeycombed with small shelves, each one containing a scroll of ancient manufacture.

The chests held many exotic, sanctified incenses, capable of sending ones mind to new heights of meditative awareness. The scrolls were historical records of the church, with the first records dating to the mid-400’s YK, and with the last entry occuring in the early fall of 918, just prior to the destruction of the Crystal Tower which so thoroughly damaged the Blackstone Temple. Scanning the documents, Crowbar and Avagon determined that most were birth, death, and marriage records. However, one in particular caught their eye.

Dating from 641 YK, this particular scroll bore the imprint of the Silver Flame, as did all of the others. However, there was another sigil: A circle within a circle, similar in design to the strange amulet they found on one of the aberrations in the grand cathedral. The scroll was written strangely, about an event which the author seemed reluctant to detail. It made reference to an unnamed event in which the temple’s priests were involved, and an agreement that if such events were to occur again, the signatories would react as they had. It made reference to something known as the Closed Circle, and was signed by the head priest, as well as two mage-lords. These wizards included with their signatures the seals of the two schools of magic in Sharn, the Esoteric Order of Aureon, and the Guild of Starlight and Shadow.

While Avagon perused this unusual scroll, Arrannis made himself busy by investigating the sealed tombs outside of the inner sanctum. Plastered over, it was clear that they were intended to never be opened. Arrannis used brute strength to remove some of the plaster, and examine the door more closely. Crowbar, growing bored with study, decided he would be more useful living up to his name and moved to assist Arrannis with clearing more of the plaster from the door. After a moments reflection, the Eladrin realized that the door raised from the ground into the sealing, and with a little effort opened the ancient tomb.

A slight vacuum caused the plaster dust to dance about their feet, and the lights from Crowbars shoulders revealed a staircase leading down. Moving to investigate, the two found a mausoleum, with well-preserved bodies lying in wall shelves. Each was wrapped tightly in funerary cloth, and bore an Icon of the Silver Flame upon their brow. The smell of spices filled Arrannis’ nostrils, and the sight of the dried husks filled the two with foreboding. Arrannis examined the edges of the walls, looking for secret doors or passages. When he looked up from such an examination, he was surprised to find one of the corpses seemed to have turned its head to look at him. A chill passed through his body, and the two decided it was best to leave.

As the party exited the inner sanctum, the sliding doors shut, and the illusory flame behind the altar in the great cathedral flared brightly. Whereas it had burned cold before, it now radiated a great heat. Benn, Chert, and Avagon felt a new awareness wash over them, and received the blessing of the Silver Flame. The two who entered the tomb of the priests were not greeted with such a boon. Crowbar, now frustrated with the fickleness of divinity, returned to the sanctum and opened the other tomb. He found a chamber similar to the other, and searched it for hidden features. Finding none, he returned to the party in the Great Cathedral, and together they left the Blackstone Temple.


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