Heirs of Eberron

The Cleansing of Blackstone Church

After destroying the aberrations guarding the gate, our heroes approached the Blackstone Church. The doors gleamed silver, but Benn examined them and declared the silver to be an illusion covering the rusted iron of the true surface. The courtyard that surrounded the entrance had been partially destroyed by falling debris, leaving very few of the statues that lined it untouched.

Opening the front gates, Crowbar entered cautiously while the party awaited his report. The ceiling had once had extensive stained glasswork, but those skylights had been broken long ago, and now the lead skeletons of the windows were silhouetted against the city above. The warforged warrior heard some mumbling from beyond a set of stairs, and went to investigate. Unfortunately, his footfalls alerted the creatures to his presence, and they quickly swarmed out to attack.

One of the large-headed brain bursters led the monsters, using its psychic powers against the adventurers. There were also more of the crazed rabble, and a creature which resembled one of the changed refugees from the foul ritual by the guildhall of the Esoteric Order of Aureon. Another individual had a lumpy body and countenance, and could step between planes to walk through walls and defend against attacks. It could also pull unsuspecting victims out of reality, and teleport them a short distance away.

Despite sheer numbers, the creatures were felled quickly. Unfortunately, the noise from the scuffle caught the attention of another group of creatures, and they joined in the fray. Although exhausted, our heroes cut through them as well, using the narrow halls to their advantage. After a brief rest, our heroes searched the rooms they had found: Several small shrines, one of which contained a silver statue of Tira Miron, the paladin martyr whose death created the Silver Flame, and another which contained a stone statue of a dragon-headed serpent called a Couatl. Another room was obviously a small chapel meant for use by the priests of the temple. They pocketed the silver statue, and went on.

A large set of double iron doors, enchanted with a silvery gleam, blocked further progress. Rusted shut for decades, a judicious application of oil to the hinges by Arranis helped mitigate the work of long years, and a brief ritual performed by Avagon to grant greater strength (along with an expertly wielded crowbar) allowed access to the Great Cathedral. This once-grand room contained on altar on a raised dais, as well as a magical silver bonfire which, while producing no heat, shed light onto another silvery set of doors behind it. The room was well lit, and the mass of creatures that waited within had no trouble seeing our heroes enter.

After besting their foes, our heroes backtracked slightly. They found several alternate entrances to the cathedral, including a broken section of wall and a secret door. They found two doors down a hall choked with rubble: One of which was likely the bedroom of the lay-minister Faeva, and another whose door was blocked from within. Arranis deftly removed the pins from the hinges, and with a shove the door fell inward. A pile of rubble had prevented the door from opening to what once must have been a priests chambers. Warped and rotted furniture lay splintered under fallen rubble, and the body of the occupant lay beneath the wreckage by the door. While searching, the party found a fine suit of Exalted Chain in a dresser, and an icon of the Silver Flame still among the bones.

Returning to the great Cathedral, the group turned their attention to the great doors behind the illusory fire. Partially opened, these enchanted doors slid easily into the walls, providing access to the hall beyond. Octagonal in shape, this room had several stone statues, which had been knocked over, and also appeared to have entrances to two sealed tombs. A banging from deeper within caught the attention of Crowbar, Arranis and Avagon, who proceeded forth. Benn and Chert remained at the entrance, and heard the banging cease when the their friends found the culprits: A group of aberrations were attempting to gain access to the chamber in the center of the room. Before the goblin and the priest could react, a floating mass of writhing tentacles descended through the ceiling without a sound, blocking further entrance and seperating the party.


“Crowbar entered cautiously” Nothing cautious about a 7 stealth roll…

The Cleansing of Blackstone Church
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