Heirs of Eberron

Graywall, and a Diversion

The Kordanga arrived in Graywall in central Droaam after a days travel. Like Sharn, the city was built on the bones of Dhakaani construction; unlike Sharn, Graywall still has a population made of mostly “monstrous” races. Goblins of all types are common, and Ogres, Trolls, and Medusae are not unusual. Once destroyed by the Daelkyr, Graywall is rising again under the direction of the Mindflayer lord Xorchylic.

Making berth above the House Orien compound, our heroes and their Wordbearer companions were lowered via basket and rope into the city. Yeraa told the group that she would need time to find the location of the last piece of the Ashen Crown, Murkooraks’ Orb, and until she did they were free to explore the city as they pleased. She warned them to be careful, and then left with the other goblins in tow.

As the party traveled away from the compound, a beggar called to them from a nearby ally. He asked for a mercy, and surreptitiously slipped them a scrap of paper. This paper contained a House Sivis message key, which would allow them to retrieve a communication that apparently this beggar knew would be waiting for them. After asking for directions, our heroes arrived at the Sivis Message Station and obtained a cryptic letter:

Friends – A group of adventurers called The Iron Gauntlet were in the Watching Wood, and overheard mentioning a job they were finishing in Graywall, with a big party in Sharn to Follow. They should be in town when you get this. See if you can locate them. Find out where the celebration is taking place, what party favors are being brought, and try to learn who the organizers are so we can get an invitation. Remember, try to keep it a surprise! – K

Rightly assuming this to be a message from Capt. Kalaes, they immediately set out to locate The Iron Gauntlet to learn more about this “party”. After some investigation, they learned of a tavern called The Cracked Keg, where The Iron Gauntlet was last seen headed. A dark and dismal bar in the Calabas section of Graywall, it is best known for the necromantic drug Blood Gin being sold out of its back room.

The Iron Gauntlet was spending the gold from a recently finished job when the heroes arrived. Consisting of a warforged, a shifter, a half-elf, a halfling, and a half-orc, they were at first wary of the newcomers, but as the revelry progressed grew more willing to talk about their new found fortune and the employer who provided it. According to the Gauntlet, a playwright named Laren Davir, well known in theater circles for his anti-ir’Wynarn themes, had hired them to obtain several reagents commonly used in high explosives. As Laren would be incapable of synthesizing such explosives himself, the Iron Gauntlet assumed that he was the middle man for an alchemist able to produce a bomb.

Due to the constraints created by the ongoing quest for the Ashen Crown, our heroes sought out Laren Davir immediately. They learned that his plays were performed exclusively by The Silent Stage Theater, and with some fast talking managed to get behind the curtain at that establishment to speak with him. The conversation with Laren inevitably turned to his favorite subject, the overthrow of the Brelish Monarchy. Playing the part of prospective employees, the party commiserated with his goals, and by preening the scribes ego were able to learn that he had hired the Iron Gauntlet on behalf of the Swords of Liberty, a group of Brelish nationalists determined to turn Breland into a democracy and reignite the War. Specifically, he had procured the reagents for one of their expert bomb-makers, a gnome named Fluni Traz Epam. In fact, his assistant had just picked the ingredients up and was bringing them to his workshop in the Bloodstone district.

Racing the clock, our heroes arrived in Bloodstone and located the workshop. After being spotted by the guards, they broke into the building to find that Epam and his henchman had holed up in the basement laboratory. Dodging the crossbow bolts of the guards and the elemental grenades of the alchemist, our brave band managed to best the terrorists, but not without starting an “accidental” conflagration amidst the delicate lab equipment. As smoke filled the room, they grabbed a prepaid House Orien package bearing the address of the bombs target from one of the workbenches, and quickly left. They managed to escape the building as the chemical fire set off a series of explosions, leveling the structure and sending plumes of smoke into the sky.

As they sought shelter from flaming debris and prying eyes, the party was contacted by Yeraa via the Sending Stone. She had located Murkooraks’ Orb beneath a public square called “The Roar”, in honor of the House Tharashk manticore statue that stands in its center. She asked that they gather in a local dive, and plot their next move.


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